Junior Crocs 2022 Midland League Campaign

2022 sees a change in the format for the Midland Junior League. Firstly all teams will play each other at least once, there will be no division 1 and division 2 as in previous years.

Midland Junior League play as mixed teams, so boys and girls from various teams from around the Midland region, however in 2022 there is also a change to the age groups with 2007 and younger boys able to play and 2006 and younger girls.

These changes will be a big challenge for the young Crocodiles who will have to play matches against well trained and very experienced players/teams.

At the end of the season there will be a tournament for both top and bottom halves of the table, guaranteeing a competitive finale and a chance of silverware.

Good luck Crocs.🐊

Worcester Crocodiles Results for 2022 are –

Worcester Crocodiles 1 – 16 Northampton Youth A

Boldmere Youth (2) 1 – 19 Worcester Crocodiles

Worcester Crocodiles 2 – 17 Cheltenham

Warley Wasps 27 – 6 Worcester Crocodiles

Worcester Crocodiles 6 – 5 Northampton Youth B

Solihull 15 – 6 Worcester Crocodiles

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