Members Information

Worcester Crocodiles Water Polo Club is a stronger affiliated club to Swim England. Below are the clubs policies, code of conducts and welfare contacts. These are in line with Swim Englands Wavepower 2020-2023 Document. Full document available here.


All members agree to adhere to the following club policies (click to view)

Codes of Conduct

All members agree and adhere to the following codes of conduct (click to view).

Welfare Contacts

Child Welfare Officer

Julie Wells
+44 (0)7799 260 663

Assistant Welfare Officer

Toby Elston

Worcestershire County Welfare Officer

Malcolm Ross

West Midlands Regional Welfare Office

Position currently vacant

Swim England Safeguarding Officer

Joanne Garey
+44 (0)1509 640 252

Worcestershire Family Front Door

+44 (0)1095 822 666
+44 (0)1095 768 010 (Out of Hours)

Other Useful Numbers

Swimline: +44 (0)801 004 001
NCPCC Helpline: +44( 0)8080 100 5000
Childline: +44(0)800 1111

Details updated September 2021