Worcester Ladies 2021/2022 Midlands League Campaign

The ladies league runs September to March every year. Six all female teams from around the region battle it out to be the league winners. Worcester Crocodiles have finished 2nd in this league for the past two seasons. Faced with strong National League teams from Coventry and Boldmere (City of Birmingham) there has been awesome play from Crocs.

In 2021/2022 the ladies are competing against Coventry, Boldmere, Solihull, South Derbyshire and Northampton. After over 12 months with no training and reduced training time in our home pool this season could be quite a battle for Worcester Crocodiles.🐊

Results for this season so far are –

Northampton 7-22 Worcester Crocodiles

City of Coventry 3-14 Worcester Crocodiles

Boldmere 16-7 Worcester Crocodiles

Solihull 5-15 Worcester Crocodiles

South Derbyshire 6-9 Worcester Crocodiles

Worcester Crocodiles H-W Northampton

Worcester Crocodiles H-W Solihull

(H-W denotes a home walkover)

Click here to view the live league table.