Junior Crocs 2021 Midlands League Campaign

Every year the under 16’s in the club take part in the Midlands Water Polo Youth League competition.

This competition has mixed teams, so boys and girls, from various clubs around the Midland region. In 2021 there are enough teams entered to have two leagues, Youth 1 and Youth 2.

Worcester Crocodiles are in Youth 2 with City of Coventry, Boldmere Youth 2, H.G.S.O.B and Wellington Youth. Each team will play at home and away against each other between June and October 2021.

Worcester Crocodiles won the Midland Youth League in 2018 & 2019 but after over twelve months away from our training pool and of course some of the players in those teams now too old to play it will be interesting to see how our team, some who have never played a proper match before, fair. In true Crocs style though we want our players to try their hardest, have fun and enjoy the experience. 🐊

Worcester Crocodiles Results for 2021 are –

Home Fixture – Worcester Crocodiles 11 – 13 Wellington

Away Fixture – H.G.S.O.B 9 – 24 Worcester Crocodiles

Away Fixture – Coventry 17- 11 Worcester Crocodiles

Home Fixture – Worcester Crocodiles 9 – 13 Coventry

Away Fixture – Wellington 16 – 8 Worcester Crocodiles

Away Fixture – Boldmere (2) 5 – 14 Worcester Crocodiles

Home Fixture – Worcester Crocodiles 9 – 5 Boldmere (2)

The full league table is found here –